Career Development Helps Everyone

If we optimize your career development strategy and keep you consistent, you will accomplish much more in less time. You get more time with your customers, family, and friends. It takes the hesitation and fatigue out of the process. Your resume writing and review process becomes a positive experience, giving you big career insights.

I work with folks at all career stages, but I really love working with mid-career professionals that are either going from good to great - or changing careers all together! Let me give you back your edge.

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Many Tracks, One Beginning

Looking for your dream job? Let's start working together!

We begin with a full interview, exploring way more than just your bottom line or education and job titles. While career focused, I want to hear about all of your accomplishments, talents, and goals. Let's discover what you want and build the right strategy to get you there!

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Hear from a successful career client.

Dan from Massachusetts tells his story about Michael's career development and resume writing work.