After a thorough personal interview, we develop a daily routine and long-term plan for your job search and career development. 

1) We grow your personal and professional networks.

2) We maximize your use of training tools to get the skills and qualifications to advance.

3) We do a full resume review, writing your best base resume, one that highlights your growth, achievement, and current training.

4) We optimize your LinkedIn page to attract the attention of recruiters.

5) We will practice for your Zoom job interviews, getting you comfortable.

6) We will regularly discuss your progress, and I will provide accountability and support. We will adjust the plan based on career insights and changes.

7) I am available for follow-up and support via text messages and Zoom for up to 90 days.

You will have a career development plan to compete for what you want, and you will have begun taking real action to get the jobs you really want.

Below are some options, each priced to give you the best value for what you need.